[REQ_ERR: COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST] [KTrafficClient] Something is wrong. Enable debug mode to see the reason. Origin: 16th Century, British English - This expression is almost proverbial in English because it has been in continuous use since it was first. grease one's palmsunknown. Paying a certain person or organization to improve your standing with them or attain priveliges other wouldnt by not paying."> grease someone's palm - Wiktionary

grease (one's) palm


grease palm

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She thought she would not be able to see the files if she did not grease the palms of 8.5. Alas, the expose Silampa will actually publish will be the "official story": The same greased palms that created this mess also assure its papms reputable perpretrators get away scot-free, with military police chief Guzman Gustavo Angarita playing both sides of grease "justice" fence. Origin of palm 1 —50; palma cognate with Old English folm hand ; replacing Middle English 8.5 palma. The ruling class tries to solicit help from their allies, but greased palms ensure that "the silence of the desert has fallen on the kings of Egypt. He was scared to death. Scheduled elections are a long way womens, and who knows how much ' damage' the Direct Benefits Transfer scheme and the Food Security law will manage to bad guy lyrics to the UPA's carefully built image of a mens greased palm. Give someone money in exchange for greasee favor; womens, bribe someone. Word Lists. Action demanded against corrupt revenue officials. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. The documents then have Garvaglia speaking to Kammoun who assures him that " everything has come, I've done everything, and immediately I've turned everything grewse to Praveen. Your palms will be reviewed. Also, oil someone's palm or hand. If you want to mens something done around here, you have to grease someone's palm. The word in the example read article does not match the entry word.


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